Tarot for the Modern Life

About AoC

Taking your thoughts to the Tarot and back.

No magic here, but mystery and insight abound.

This site provides personalised Tarot readings for people looking for a new or fresh perspective about something that’s either posing an important opportunity for them, or a problem which seems difficult to overcome.

This site is not about spiritual guides, angels or magic. I am not posing to be a deep psychic with god-given powers of insight and spiritual knowledge. I simply draw and analyse Tarot cards in response to questions on behalf of people who are looking for new insight and information.

To date, 95% of the people I have done readings for, advise that their readings were completely applicable, useful, insightful, and made a genuine and positive contribution to their lives.


I don't profess to know how Tarot does this – it’s a mystery; always has been and probably always will be.

But this ‘technology’ is becoming more and more relevant in a world of constant change and uncertainty. Humanity is being faced with ever greater complexity and data overload. We are now exposed to, or processing more information in a day, than our great grandparents did in an entire lifetime. Traditional, sequential and logic-based thinking processes are beginning to show their limitations – intuitive and emotionally intelligent thinking processes are becoming more and more sought after. Tarot offers snapshots and insights into situations, which traditional thinking processes are unlikely to achieve, and often faster and with greater clarity.

I invite you to consider what pressing questions you have, particularly ones that have been around for more time than they deserve. Send me your thoughts and see what help the Tarot may offer. At a minimum, the reading will get you thinking in ways you weren't before.


Beyond the boardroom.

My name is Ché Broekman and I have spent over 45 years of my life in business and filling senior corporate positions. The last fifteen years have been as an Organisational Change Manager, driving major change initiatives in some of Australia’s largest companies. I have a deep knowledge around change, at both a micro, personal level and in the wide, business systems context.


Throughout these years, I have also had a deep interest and curiosity with the Tarot, having received many readings and in more recent times, gone deeply in to learning and applying its wisdom for my own life’s choices. I’ve often been completely blown away by how direct and compelling some of these readings have been. Certainly enough to prove to me that the Tarot does not rely on just simple coincidence or cleverly utilising highly generalised messaging, as often claimed by sceptics.

Over the last four years, I have been steeping myself in all things Tarot, learning how to use and read the cards for my own transformational needs and that of others. I have now done hundreds of readings, achieving a 95% satisfaction rating.